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With 10 years of experience in residential real estate and 21 years in multi-family property management, I have been able to help hundreds of people and families with their housing needs and I absolutely LOVE it!  I’ve always been interested in learning about different features of homes as well as working through the processes and assisting people with their moves. Marketing homes for sale is key and I love coming up with interesting and fun ways to do this.  I’ve been recognized by the Pinnacle of Excellence for my marketing efforts.

What do I love more than real estate? Well, I met this guy who stole my heart about 22 years ago and recently celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary!  Over the years we brought 2 beautiful kids into the world! My son is 16 and still learning to be comfortable behind the wheel of a car and my daughter is 10 and thinks she’s ready to take on the world!  I’ve resided in the Des Moines area over 20 years and moved to the West Des Moines area about 6 years ago.  The Historical Valley Junction area is among our favorites. Whether it’s the farmers market, music, or crafty events, I’m usually there!

Focusing on how many clients I’m working with at a time is very important to me.  I always want to have the ability to devote my undivided attention to each one!

"Sara was so helpful through the whole process. Even after the move, I have had a few questions and things come up and I am so grateful to have had her help through everything!"